Saturday, September 11, 2010

the week that was.

this wasn't a good week for us. we had two big debates. but that's all settled now. (i'll spare you the details)

we had not texted/called each other for two days after our last argument.

it was thursday night when i got a message from him thanking me for everything and telling me his leaving for a few days and would be in hiatus from logging in in the chatroom (where he get to communicate with other friends and PLUs), and in texting/calling me. the break from chatting is okay; errr... i've been hoping for that secretly. but him not texting or calling is a big no-no!

i have always been a believer of honest and gentle communication in resolving even the biggest of issues. but since i got angry the last time we talked, i've been stopping myself from doing any form of interaction until we both would have a clearer understanding of each other's view on the issue. truth to be told, it's been rocky for us the entire week; and him leaving and thanking me for everything might mean that this will soon be over. so i replied asking him where he's going; careful not too sound too dramatic. it there was an available emoticon for 'poker face' on my phone, i would have inserted that on the message.

the reply led to a chain of text messages, followed by a quick talk over the phone, and continued through online chatting that lasted until wee small hours. the long and the short of it, we reconciled and cleared things up. but he still had to leave to join the trip to somewhere outskirts of the city though -family stuff.

apparently, the place of destination is not within the coverage area for most mobile networks so there is a possibility that we might not be able to communicate for the entire duration of his trip. i cannot argue on that. so i'll let that be.

now, i'd better go and think of things to do while loverboy is away. *malicious laugh*


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