Sunday, June 26, 2011


i want to go somewhere quiet.. somewhere serene...

i want to hear the birds sing in the early morning... the sound of the tranquil water disturbed by the paddle as i propel the boat towards the other end of the lake... i want to feel the gentle wind touch my face as i look up the sky to worship the creator of the spectacular view...

i want to be here...



the past few days i've been feeling the need to run. the past 3 weeks specifically, i've been bothered... anxious... it's like i'm running out of time. i'm turning 27 in 14 days. and running is symbolic because deep within, i feel like i need to chase my dreams. i feel like i need to hurry or else i'll end up achieving nothing... i'll be a "has-been"... a looser!

it was 4am and i was up and about. i've pulled out a pair of dusty running shoes and started out walking towards the plaza. when i got there, i paused for a minute to enjoy the view. the sun was rising and it's golden reflection on the calm sea was a fetching view from the sea wall where i was standing. i then closed my eyes, raised my hands, and took a breathfull of the cold salty air.

i started walking on the slightly muddy track of the reclaimed area. i made about 3 rounds of brisk walking and then started jogging. i was planning to jog through the oval for another 3 rounds but something within told me i'm not doing enough. i was thinking of the goals want to achieve again... the things i want to have... the person that i want to be. and before i knew, i was running. i was running fast! at one point, i wanted to stop but my feet wouldn't. i lost count of how many rounds i made.

i was grasping for air, knees trembling, and my heart was pumping real fast when i finally succumbed to the fact that i don't have the stamina to run any longer. i sat on the muddy ground to rest before i collapse- not minding the dirt and the other joggers passing by. i was sweating like a leaked water hydrant.

after about 15 minutes of resting, i finally stood up and decided to head back home. i didn't had warm ups or stretching so i was sore all over. but somehow, i was satisfied. water drained out from my body but my sweat satiated and quenched my emotional and psychological thirst.

it's been a while since i last wore my running shoes. but today, i did. and i'm gonna do it again. i'm just so happy. i personally think i'll be doing a lot of running soon. i have to run real fast towards my dreams. :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Random Thoughts

-i know i need to sleep for tonight's shift. if i won't get at least 2 hours of sleep now (2:01 pm my time), i'll have have a looonnggg night at the office for sure. it's gonna be hard keeping your eyes open when your mind's not working... when your eyelids are closing how do you keep it up? when your back hurts and you want to lay down and rest it how do you convince yourself you're awake and alert?

-i'm quitting work soon so i have to save up. i need to have enough dough to blow while i process my papers for my Canadian dream. Payday's coming and salary according to my mental calculation will just be enough to last me until the next paycheck. How am I gonna survive? How, how, how? (de carabao?)

-letting go... it's hard. (at least this time it's not on love. for a change!). i'm letting go of my current job to pursue another path which will hopefully give me a better future. it's another risk i'm taking to get yet another chance of fulfilling what i have always wanted to have and where i have always wanted to be. to see what's out THERE! to be THERE!

-one more year's come and gone and nothing's change at all. so i need to do this. i need to sacrifice a little... just a little... if i fall a little, i'll stand up again. if i'll fail a little, i'm gonna dream a little more... if i'll cry a little, i'm gonna smile a little more once the tears are gone. whatever's the outcome of this, at least i can say i tried. and being able to say so is gonna be a big relief- not just a little- HUGE!

-i wanna go to the beach. i'll find time to spend a quite night in the shores one of these days. alone.. with the moonlight reflecting on the calm waters and the cold, salty air touching my face... some quite time to ponder on some deep and personal things and not having to worry about work stuff or the future... sitting on the sand while listening to the sound of the waves breaking on the shore... just thinking of the "here and now". ahhhhhh!!!! what a bliss it would be!

-i wanna... i wanna... sleep! so i'll end this now and have a lie-down.

Touchdown ClandestinePlanet!

At long last! I have returned!

After over 6 months of disappearance, my feet finally treaded on familiar soil.. and i am just so ecstatic to breath and smell the homey air!

Where i've been to and what i've done is a long story. but i sure did learn a lot of lessons, gained many more new things to cherish and value, acquired new philosophies, gathered many unforgettable memories.

But i've definitely missed this! I miss the carefree person i can be in this little dark planet i have created... here where i can be disheveled and no one would care... where i can express myself without the fear of being judged... here where i can indulge in my guilty pleasures again and again and again without resentment.

Wouldn't it be great if i would just stay here for good?

I just vehemently wish that will be so. But there are things (Earthly things I would say)that i needed to finish, thwarting me from settling here for good.

One thing i promise though- I WILL BE VISITING HERE MORE OFTEN.

AMISHU soooo much my Clandestine Planet!