Friday, July 30, 2010

you belong with me (pink version)

found this nice and funny video months ago. you probably have seen this too. but i just wanna post it here... haaay! dream on! go pink people!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Flunky (reposted)

here's something i wrote after my cake day. this was something i posted on my first blog attempt. the account got hacked (i believe) and i can no longer log in to add some stuff. i have four other posts at Tales@26

Fluky (July 12, 2010)

The day after my 26th birthday was scheduled for my monthly credit card bill payment.

Woke up from heat and heavy sweating due to the power shortage that occurs everyday for 2 hours or so in our place. They termed that "rotating block-out" since to conserve energy, the power providers have taken it upon themselves to cut the supply of electricity for a couple of ours in different places everyday. And may I say that's just a brilliant idea!

Anyhow, I was still a little bit inebriate from last night's drinking but forced to get my butt off my bed and bathed. After all, it was already 10 in the morning.

I traveled 2 hours from home to the city with a cousin and went on to the bank to pay my tab.

Since I don't have much money to splurge, I just went to a nearby mall and ate. After, I decided to go home. Hailed a bus, seated myself comfortably once i was inside and thought that was all for the day. Boring and unproductive.

Until the bus stopped to pick up some more passengers and a young guy, about 19 or 20 of age, sat beside me. He was kinda cute but i resolved to ignore him and fixed my sight outside the small bus window. After a few, i got this uneasy feeling. On my left side, i felt like a pair of eyes is staring at me. I made sure it was true by facing the guy to my left and indeed, he was staring at me. He smirked when our eyes locked and slightly touched my hand while pretending to be scratching his legs.

Since I was trying to live a virginal life, I looked away. I can feel that his eyes were still fixed on me though. I was starting to get conscious and as i always do when i am, wet my dry lips with my tongue. I heard him let out a low but audible moan and then laughed. I wasn't able to hold it anymore. I gestured to feel my bag that's on my lap intentionally brushing his legs in the process. After that, i positioned my hand on my lap, looked at him and looked down on my hands making sure he was following where i was looking. I saw him smile once more and i looked away again. Only this time, my eyes widened as i felt a hand held my left hand that was sitting on my lap. I made a poker face and looked down. It was his hand holding mine. I wanted to stop him but i didn't object. I didn't have the strength to withdraw my hands from his grip. I wanted it. I liked it.

Mindful of the people around that might see what's going on, he covered the locked fingers with his bag. I looked at him again. I looked back. I smiled. He did too.

I was trying to process what was going on but I ended up telling myself "what the F*CK!". I better stop analyzing things and just enjoy this amorphous thing that's happening.

Surprisingly, after what seemed to be seconds he took his hand away and placed it inside his pockets. Took his wallet and got some bills, knocked the steel bar in front of his seat with a coin and the bus stopped. I was glued to my seat. Speechless. Wanting more... but i was just dumbfounded. Astonished of the fact that it just happened so fast. He got off the bus and stood beside the road as if waiting for the bus to leave before he walks away. I kept my eyes outside and as the bus went on, I saw him on the bus window. Standing still. Looking up. I looked down at him and smiled. He flashed his teeth and winked at me.

That was it. It was a short but sweet encounter. Too bad i wasn't able to ask for his number or gave him my digits. But there's always a next time. I'll get ready for the next random encounter.

It's been 6 hours since I go home. But I'm still gleeful from the precipitous event on that homeward-bound bus ride.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

you're not gonna reach my telephone

Lost my phone a couple of months ago. good thing i kept a written record of all the entries on my phonebook and i was able to inform all those contacts when i got my new number. or shall i say, i was able to inform just a selected few about my new number. the ones i get in touch with often.

last sunday, with nothing to do, i scrolled down on my phonebook entries and decided to dial Mr. Curly's number. he was a classmate in college who would always challenge me every sem when it comes to getting good grades. it was a positive competition that we had and in a way, it helped pull us up.

there were a couple of ringing and a deep, husky voice answered.

ME: Hi! Si MC ba 'to? CP here. this is my new number. lost my phone.

MC: CP? wait... from G4M?

i was startled! honestly, i wasn't expecting him to ask me that. first, because although i've heard of the site, i never had an account. and second, he is MC! the tall, dark, average, masculine classmate of mine. i never thought! there was no trace at all back then. none! never! nothing!

there was silence. struggling with words, i cleared my throat.

ME: uhhmm.. wait ha lemme check my phone. i might've dialed the wrong number.

MC: ay! no! wait! CP? as in CP my college friend?

without having to answer, we burst into laughter. No, i think caterwauling would be the word to use.

ME: MC! what happened? i never thought...

(and there was laughter again.)

MC: yeah! don't laugh. i'm not afraid to admit it anymore. i like men.

: and you? with how you reacted, i suppose we're on the same boat?!

damn! i wasn't prepared for that. but it was too late. i gave myself away with the laughter.

the longer we had the conversation the more surprises were revealed. he told me that he was the secret texter i told him about when we were practicing our alma mater song weeks before graduation; and how he had a deal with another classmate who's also in the closet on who's gonna be the first to do me (i felt like i'm ms. galaxy upon hearing this); sexcapades and other pink stuff.

we were constantly communicating since and i was really thankful for my new-found friend from an old friendship. but he started hitting on me then. and last night, he casually asked me if we can have a taste of each other. and that just changed everything! i told him i'm not really into doing it with friends. i mean there are friends that i fantasize about, but there are certain friends that i just wanna keep as friends(read: not my type for any bed scene. HA!). he's on the latter category.

i thought i made it clear to him but i guess, he just wouldn't understand. i was bombarded with text messages- pleading... begging... insisting. he's attempted to make several phone calls but they were all unanswered. if i had known, i wouldn't have bothered informing him of my new number. wrong move!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Basket-balls (Goaltending violation)

it was raining the entire day so wasn't really productive. spent hours just reading Corporate Closet's blog while munching mr. chips. i quite had a fun time in my locked room.

in the evening, some cousins visited and later insisted that we go watch the "liga ng barangay'. i declined at first. but on second thought, i had nothing to do for the night, so what the heck?! and off we went to the town's covered court.

it wasn't a bad idea after all. good looking guys (straight and not) abound. and those players with their bulges- oh such a feast for the eyes! i enjoyed the game. but i enjoyed rubbing elbows with a handsome lad on my left more.if my cousins weren't there, i could have used some of my proven tricks on him. i've heard several stories from friends' gay-friends about how these dudes would let you eat their 'torons' after a case of beer or sometimes you can have 'theirs' as your pulutan. how fun is that?

the next time i watch, it's only gonna be me and my game plan. better prepare because i'm into tasting 'native delicacies' now. (I don't sound serious, do i?) *winks*

Friday, July 23, 2010

Boys over Coffee

got home some 30 minutes ago. i was soaking wet because of the heavy rain. dried myself and wanted to sleep right away after taking a quick shower but i can't. never been comfortable sleeping with wet hair. and yeah, one other reason is up until now, my lola's words would always resonate in my head -"huwag kang matulog nang basa ang buhok baka mabulag ka".

man! i can't run the risk of being blind!

you see, i had nothing to do earlier. half of my day was spent in bed thinking of strategies on becoming rich. so right after lunch, i hopped into the bus off to the city. texted some friends who would dare accompany me in my gadding. sadly, i didn't hear one single text-message-alert tone from my mobile.

so i decided to go somewhere familiar. a place where food shops are abundant, less traffic, and more prospects to be found. i felt the need to see people with some august appeal. and what could be a better place than i.t. park, lahug.

but it rained heavily when i got there so instead of strolling around, i resolved to sipping a hot cup of coffee at bo's. took one of the tables outside the shop and quaffed my caffe latte. i just love the smell of rain pouring on the warm dry ground.

i checked the area and there were a few good-looking people that my 'gay-dar' detected. some just passed by and some managed to stare back and smile. this is what i like about being single and unattached. i don't feel any guilt checking out plenty of dudes worthy of admiration. There was one... then two... and then a lot more passed by. i had more than what my eyes could contain.

bo's coffee was playing some post-grunge kind of music when a cute guy (in my own standards) approached me and asked if i have a lighter. i said 'no' with a poker face. he said it was fine and asked me if he can share the table with me instead. a nod started a conversation that lasted up until the song "these hard times" by matchbox20, that was playing on the background, ended.

it could have lasted longer but i had to go. if i stayed longer, i could have been somewhere by now with someone doing something other than writing this entry. and besides, i already had my 'kilig' fix for the day. i fell inlove with the rain and the moment. that should be enough for now. talk about being lucky!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I don't want to...

A couple of weeks ago during my birthday i received a lot of greetings from family, friends and absentee lovers (i'll have another post for them). Some greeted personally, some thru text messages and phone calls and more was thru Facebook.

I was feeling so special and happy until i eyed on ex's post on my wall. We had no communication after we broke up some years ago, but there it was... an unexpected greeting. I replied with a simple 'Thank you' as i did to the rest of the well wishers.

Why was there a need for him to do that? I can only assume. Maybe because we share the same circle of friends who have started asking if we had issues with each other (we're both in the closet and haven't told anyone in the circle about us being together, or how the relationship ended badly. And they surely noticed how we became cold to each other all of a sudden.) so him not greeting me might pave way to a lot more questioning. Or it could be that he really means well and wanted to make friends with me.

As for me, anger is gone, there's no more bitterness, but being friends with him would be the last thing i want on this earth! I just don't want anything from him.

However, a friend reminded me that it would be his birthday tomorrow. Now I feel obligated to send him my greetings! Should I greet him just for the sake (so friends would dismiss the thought of us having issues) or should i just be true to myself and ignore his birthday?! After all, he doesn't exist in my world anymore.

Welcome to My Planet


According to the International Astronomical Union, there are 8 planets in the solar system. I beg to disagree. There are a lot more planets that they don't know of or will never ever discover!

Fascinating to know that some planets have 12 moons, some have rings around them, and some other interesting facts. However, I am pretty sure that the undiscovered planets have more intriguing characteristics. There are blue planets, black planets, pink planets and some planets even wear masks. What their compositions are and what goes within them- we will never know.

I once thought that I was an earthling. But after spending some time trying to fit in, following the set rules and regulations, conforming with the norms of the society, I noticed something strange. So I tried to look deep within. I dug through the deepest pits of my cardiac muscle and finally found what I was looking for. It was no easy personal journey but it was totally worth it. For not every people would discover a planet to call their own.

Friends, visitors, and intruders... Welcome to my Clandestine planet! As you come and go, take nothing but lessons and leave nothing but comments.