Saturday, July 24, 2010

Basket-balls (Goaltending violation)

it was raining the entire day so wasn't really productive. spent hours just reading Corporate Closet's blog while munching mr. chips. i quite had a fun time in my locked room.

in the evening, some cousins visited and later insisted that we go watch the "liga ng barangay'. i declined at first. but on second thought, i had nothing to do for the night, so what the heck?! and off we went to the town's covered court.

it wasn't a bad idea after all. good looking guys (straight and not) abound. and those players with their bulges- oh such a feast for the eyes! i enjoyed the game. but i enjoyed rubbing elbows with a handsome lad on my left more.if my cousins weren't there, i could have used some of my proven tricks on him. i've heard several stories from friends' gay-friends about how these dudes would let you eat their 'torons' after a case of beer or sometimes you can have 'theirs' as your pulutan. how fun is that?

the next time i watch, it's only gonna be me and my game plan. better prepare because i'm into tasting 'native delicacies' now. (I don't sound serious, do i?) *winks*

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