Wednesday, July 28, 2010

you're not gonna reach my telephone

Lost my phone a couple of months ago. good thing i kept a written record of all the entries on my phonebook and i was able to inform all those contacts when i got my new number. or shall i say, i was able to inform just a selected few about my new number. the ones i get in touch with often.

last sunday, with nothing to do, i scrolled down on my phonebook entries and decided to dial Mr. Curly's number. he was a classmate in college who would always challenge me every sem when it comes to getting good grades. it was a positive competition that we had and in a way, it helped pull us up.

there were a couple of ringing and a deep, husky voice answered.

ME: Hi! Si MC ba 'to? CP here. this is my new number. lost my phone.

MC: CP? wait... from G4M?

i was startled! honestly, i wasn't expecting him to ask me that. first, because although i've heard of the site, i never had an account. and second, he is MC! the tall, dark, average, masculine classmate of mine. i never thought! there was no trace at all back then. none! never! nothing!

there was silence. struggling with words, i cleared my throat.

ME: uhhmm.. wait ha lemme check my phone. i might've dialed the wrong number.

MC: ay! no! wait! CP? as in CP my college friend?

without having to answer, we burst into laughter. No, i think caterwauling would be the word to use.

ME: MC! what happened? i never thought...

(and there was laughter again.)

MC: yeah! don't laugh. i'm not afraid to admit it anymore. i like men.

: and you? with how you reacted, i suppose we're on the same boat?!

damn! i wasn't prepared for that. but it was too late. i gave myself away with the laughter.

the longer we had the conversation the more surprises were revealed. he told me that he was the secret texter i told him about when we were practicing our alma mater song weeks before graduation; and how he had a deal with another classmate who's also in the closet on who's gonna be the first to do me (i felt like i'm ms. galaxy upon hearing this); sexcapades and other pink stuff.

we were constantly communicating since and i was really thankful for my new-found friend from an old friendship. but he started hitting on me then. and last night, he casually asked me if we can have a taste of each other. and that just changed everything! i told him i'm not really into doing it with friends. i mean there are friends that i fantasize about, but there are certain friends that i just wanna keep as friends(read: not my type for any bed scene. HA!). he's on the latter category.

i thought i made it clear to him but i guess, he just wouldn't understand. i was bombarded with text messages- pleading... begging... insisting. he's attempted to make several phone calls but they were all unanswered. if i had known, i wouldn't have bothered informing him of my new number. wrong move!


  1. I don't get it. He's your friend, and he wants a piece of you, why not agree for old time's sake? Haha.

  2. well, Doy, i wish it's that easy. i mean he's not that bad (physically) but just not my type. hahaha...

  3. it is no longer a surprise that there are kissing and fucking friends..but then, just like you, i don't do it with friends. and maybe i', just lucky that my friends aren't my type when it comes to sex. =)