Friday, July 23, 2010

Boys over Coffee

got home some 30 minutes ago. i was soaking wet because of the heavy rain. dried myself and wanted to sleep right away after taking a quick shower but i can't. never been comfortable sleeping with wet hair. and yeah, one other reason is up until now, my lola's words would always resonate in my head -"huwag kang matulog nang basa ang buhok baka mabulag ka".

man! i can't run the risk of being blind!

you see, i had nothing to do earlier. half of my day was spent in bed thinking of strategies on becoming rich. so right after lunch, i hopped into the bus off to the city. texted some friends who would dare accompany me in my gadding. sadly, i didn't hear one single text-message-alert tone from my mobile.

so i decided to go somewhere familiar. a place where food shops are abundant, less traffic, and more prospects to be found. i felt the need to see people with some august appeal. and what could be a better place than i.t. park, lahug.

but it rained heavily when i got there so instead of strolling around, i resolved to sipping a hot cup of coffee at bo's. took one of the tables outside the shop and quaffed my caffe latte. i just love the smell of rain pouring on the warm dry ground.

i checked the area and there were a few good-looking people that my 'gay-dar' detected. some just passed by and some managed to stare back and smile. this is what i like about being single and unattached. i don't feel any guilt checking out plenty of dudes worthy of admiration. There was one... then two... and then a lot more passed by. i had more than what my eyes could contain.

bo's coffee was playing some post-grunge kind of music when a cute guy (in my own standards) approached me and asked if i have a lighter. i said 'no' with a poker face. he said it was fine and asked me if he can share the table with me instead. a nod started a conversation that lasted up until the song "these hard times" by matchbox20, that was playing on the background, ended.

it could have lasted longer but i had to go. if i stayed longer, i could have been somewhere by now with someone doing something other than writing this entry. and besides, i already had my 'kilig' fix for the day. i fell inlove with the rain and the moment. that should be enough for now. talk about being lucky!

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