Saturday, September 29, 2012

Steamy lonely Saturday

Rainy Saturday afternoon... I'm home alone.

I'm feeling kinda sexy...

Locked the room and played Paula Cole's "Feelin Love"

Gosh! I wanna smoke... and have a glug of bourbon.. and striptease!!! hahaha..

STOP ME!!!! hahaha...

Friday, September 21, 2012

Why I write...

There’s not much work to do today while I was in the office. So I read some entries I posted way back and laughed whenever I see errors or cheesy things I wrote. However, I didn’t change those because I felt like they were part of my development. I wasn’t born a writer so why should I be expected to write perfectly? And then I thought of why I like to write and I was able to come up with a little something. I just thought It was somehow creative so I’m posting it here:

When the heart is heavy and the eyes are clouded with tears,
When the chest would want to burst but the mouth could not speak loud enough to be heard,
I would seek solitude and confess through a pen and paper.

When the head is cluttered with thoughts and never-ending questions,
Or when the soul is in ecstasy because of a certain situation,
I would pen them down and note my life’s progression.

These are the reasons why I love to write.
Even if sometimes they don’t make sense,
I still transcribe with confidence!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

(one of) The Other Guy(s)

We had dinner…

Drunk two bottles of liquor and talked for a moment…

We then headed home to my apartment…

We kissed, undressed each other, partook in some wet pleasures, and subsequently quivered as we reached the key moment of our bodily desires…

As the other went out of the room, I went into a remorseful juncture and messaged my partner “Sorry I texted late… I had to finish some office stuff. I Love You…”

Guilt trip!

Saturday, September 1, 2012


When we love, we get hurt. We get hurt because sometimes our partners don’t treat us the way we want to be treated. Then we engage into  fights with them. We blame them for their misbehavior yet we often forgive them for their transgressions and we hope that they will change for the better. However, when the change we are expecting them to do doesn’t come, maybe it’s time to fight with ourselves and blame us for letting them do it to us. When we feel we are not treated right, tendency is, we  really are being oppressed. By then it’s time to do something for ourselves. We should be brave enough to let go and move on. After all, we should not settle for less than what we deserve.