Friday, September 21, 2012

Why I write...

There’s not much work to do today while I was in the office. So I read some entries I posted way back and laughed whenever I see errors or cheesy things I wrote. However, I didn’t change those because I felt like they were part of my development. I wasn’t born a writer so why should I be expected to write perfectly? And then I thought of why I like to write and I was able to come up with a little something. I just thought It was somehow creative so I’m posting it here:

When the heart is heavy and the eyes are clouded with tears,
When the chest would want to burst but the mouth could not speak loud enough to be heard,
I would seek solitude and confess through a pen and paper.

When the head is cluttered with thoughts and never-ending questions,
Or when the soul is in ecstasy because of a certain situation,
I would pen them down and note my life’s progression.

These are the reasons why I love to write.
Even if sometimes they don’t make sense,
I still transcribe with confidence!

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