Thursday, July 22, 2010

Welcome to My Planet


According to the International Astronomical Union, there are 8 planets in the solar system. I beg to disagree. There are a lot more planets that they don't know of or will never ever discover!

Fascinating to know that some planets have 12 moons, some have rings around them, and some other interesting facts. However, I am pretty sure that the undiscovered planets have more intriguing characteristics. There are blue planets, black planets, pink planets and some planets even wear masks. What their compositions are and what goes within them- we will never know.

I once thought that I was an earthling. But after spending some time trying to fit in, following the set rules and regulations, conforming with the norms of the society, I noticed something strange. So I tried to look deep within. I dug through the deepest pits of my cardiac muscle and finally found what I was looking for. It was no easy personal journey but it was totally worth it. For not every people would discover a planet to call their own.

Friends, visitors, and intruders... Welcome to my Clandestine planet! As you come and go, take nothing but lessons and leave nothing but comments.


  1. Good to know you have a planet, I am my own satellite. Ehehehe.

    Welcome to blogspace.

  2. hahaha.. Thank you Mu[g]en.

    and welcome to my planet! :)