Sunday, June 26, 2011


the past few days i've been feeling the need to run. the past 3 weeks specifically, i've been bothered... anxious... it's like i'm running out of time. i'm turning 27 in 14 days. and running is symbolic because deep within, i feel like i need to chase my dreams. i feel like i need to hurry or else i'll end up achieving nothing... i'll be a "has-been"... a looser!

it was 4am and i was up and about. i've pulled out a pair of dusty running shoes and started out walking towards the plaza. when i got there, i paused for a minute to enjoy the view. the sun was rising and it's golden reflection on the calm sea was a fetching view from the sea wall where i was standing. i then closed my eyes, raised my hands, and took a breathfull of the cold salty air.

i started walking on the slightly muddy track of the reclaimed area. i made about 3 rounds of brisk walking and then started jogging. i was planning to jog through the oval for another 3 rounds but something within told me i'm not doing enough. i was thinking of the goals want to achieve again... the things i want to have... the person that i want to be. and before i knew, i was running. i was running fast! at one point, i wanted to stop but my feet wouldn't. i lost count of how many rounds i made.

i was grasping for air, knees trembling, and my heart was pumping real fast when i finally succumbed to the fact that i don't have the stamina to run any longer. i sat on the muddy ground to rest before i collapse- not minding the dirt and the other joggers passing by. i was sweating like a leaked water hydrant.

after about 15 minutes of resting, i finally stood up and decided to head back home. i didn't had warm ups or stretching so i was sore all over. but somehow, i was satisfied. water drained out from my body but my sweat satiated and quenched my emotional and psychological thirst.

it's been a while since i last wore my running shoes. but today, i did. and i'm gonna do it again. i'm just so happy. i personally think i'll be doing a lot of running soon. i have to run real fast towards my dreams. :)

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