Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sweetest Cousin

i have but a few memories of our childhood. with the fact that you lived in the city and we (me and my sister) grew up in the clan's ancestral home, we never really got to see each other as often. glancing back on our early years, i remember a few summers we spent together. one time my sister and i stayed in your abode and we played with your pink little kitchen set and at some point had a petty fight because you won't let me borrow jennifer (your cute and cuddly baby doll named after that jollibee commercial- “Mommy, nawawala si Jennifer!”). and yes! who would forget that summer when you stayed in our house and we all played atop of the bed when unexpectedly, our bamboo floor gave up and they had to pick us up from underneath. oh! i could still vividly remember the look on our faces then; our lips had gone pale and our hands were shaking. we got scared for a while but then we just laughed about it.

come adolescence and we got busy with too much teenage stuff. at some point, we lost our connection. it was like you went on a hiatus when you stopped showing up with your parents on their regular Sunday visits to lola and lolo's house. i've heard you got busy practicing with your school's DBC and/or doing school stuff. but i didn't mind. i got busy discovering a lot of things about myself at that point as well.

and then the great shock! you were having a baby at age 17. our family's reaction was somehow predictable. they questioned you and so did i. but i must tell you cuz, deep inside, i was smiling at that point. i knew we got busy exploring the same things then and there (we have a slight age gap you know, so i could pretty much relate. HA!). the only difference was you got knocked up while i didn't; i couldn't be. no matter how hard i tried. :)

that was when i started to really admire you for your courage. i know it wasn't easy for you. the uncertainties and the fears that motherhood brings, i've never seen them in you. they said you were too young, too immature to be having a baby. but for me, opting to keep the baby was a big leap you took to be matured enough. but that's all water under the bridge. now, i'm just so proud to have a beautiful cousin who's also a mother of a cute little princess.

you left for canada about 3 years ago. and with your visit last May, i know a lot has changed. you are more responsible now. more sensitive to other's feelings and needs. you've become wiser and stronger. you've truly bloomed from an inexperienced and nonconformist young girl to a compassionate and fine woman that exudes beauty inside and out. and i couldn't be any prouder.

[thank you for keeping in touch (got really teary-eyed with our chat earlier). thank you for the emotional and financial support that you so willingly and proactively give. i know words aren't enough, but i say this with utmost sincerity- Thank You Geng! i love you cuz!)



  1. My memories w u n our childhood was when we were doing errands during the summer, when we had to get water frm the well, cook rice and we would huddle n whisper and talk abt anything in the back of ur house... And I rmmbr seeing a pic of u holding a bust of Sto. Niño wen u were still so young. U had the biggest sweetest smile on ur face cuz.Ü

    As we grew up, I rmmbr u n me working together as tita's interior designers for her house, and especially the trips to the city w all our other cousins, and who could forget our little trips to the movies! ;) the food trips, shopping, the photo shoots, and all the fun we had this yr when i came to visit. I miss u cuz, until next year, see u then! I'm always here for ya!

  2. Thanks for being good to my lil princess, and for accepting me as I am. Til our next adventures cuz! Ö

  3. Cuzie!!! what a surprise! hahaha.. finally! u've landed on my planet. :) welcome! i know u've been reading my posts since but to really see a comment from YOU, i'm ecstatic!

    -i still have that pic u were talking about. and yes, everything u've mentioned are in my box of fondest memories.

    -thank you as well geng. love you and little princess so much! ;)