Thursday, September 30, 2010

intoxicated calculations

a few hours more and it would be october. i just got home from a drinking session under the moonlight with a few childhood friends. the moon was lovely. i stared at it for several minutes and i thought how long it was since i've done it (moon-gazing).

up until this very moment i am still holding the picture of that beautiful glowing ball and it's pale light. so romantic! my heart frisked as i was adoring it's splendor.

and out of the blue (though i had a feeling it's because of the alcohol again) i came up with this thought:

-i fall in love too easily. however, it would take me at least 2 months to get over an ex.

-i believe i'll be saleable until the age of 40 (to people who go for face-value and physique); although i firmly believe i'd be good even after my expiry date to those who are after great companionship ("in fairness" wahaha!).

-if i had 2 past relationships, and i'm presently 26 years old, i could come up with this:

40 (expiration age) - 26 (my current age) = 14 [years i have to market myself]

supposing that the maximum duration of my future relationships would be 4 months, and i would have 2 months of wailing and mending after each relationship, i could come up with this:

4 (trussed time) + 2 (recovering period) = 6 [months spent in every relationship]


12 (months in a year) x 14 (years) = 168 (months i have left to incite people)


168 (available months for lashing) / 6 (months spent in every relationship) = 28

THEREFORE i conclude, that if i limit every relationship to 6 months (inclusive of the recovering period), i could have 28 relationships until i'm 40. if we factor in my 2 past relationships, i would have a total of 40 "love and heartbreak" experiences.

hhhhmmmm.... something worthy of note.


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