Thursday, September 30, 2010

philo: a fella? or fellator?

i wish i saved the exchange of messages i had with philo (next time i will so i could post it here). he's someone i used to work with some 5 years ago. Philo and my ex (digimon) were my constant chat-mates via our office communicator then. we were great multi-taskers; doing our jobs while endlessly babbling.

we were doing it every working day and it came to a point that digimon got a little jealous and prohibited me from chatting with him. and so, being the love-fool that i was, i stopped it. but, since philo had no idea what was going on, he stopped chatting with me too and started visiting me in my station every single opportunity he had. but then he got an irresistible offer from another company and he left.

we kept our communication though by texting. there wasn't anything special between us. for me, what we have was pure friendship. although, there were times i felt it's more than that [and i wasn't the only one who noticed. digimon won't stop teasing; telling me that philo had something for me but i brushed it off].

philo is one person i could hardly tell what the preference is. at times, i could be judgmental and would have a sure opinion about everybody around me. but philo is just puzzling. he tells me about girls, cars, and gadgets. but at times, we would talk about gender sensitive topics and he would verbalize his opinion like he is one of us. we had countless conversations- personal, thru office communicator, texting, and of course, ym and fb chat (mind you, he would always be the first one to greet whenever i'm online). but i still can't make up my mind on what he is.

and so it came to pass that a month ago, upon learning that i have become a loafer, he insisted that we meet up so we can do some sort of career counseling. and our scheds wouldn't allow it. and just yesterday, we finally agreed- october 10. and i quote "let's meet at around 5pm. we'll have coffee. my treat." and i asked, "what about dinner?". "okay. and the dinner after."

wahahah! promise, his treat would only be coffee and dinner. i'm going home after that. or maybe until he answers if he's a fella or a fellator. kidding!


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