Monday, September 20, 2010


i must say, with a lot of friends around, i'm having a faster recovery from that ruined relationship. an outpouring of support came from my online friends. from my co-bloggers (specially Jay), to the regular guys in "starwowtv" (nesty, mwahjul, ken, andrei, andrew, hornybottom, kyano, cutecebuano, wexki, jigg, and uhm.. happy, where are you?), to some readers i've only known recently (passerby- the guy who left a message on my cbox; i will have another post for you self-righteous bastard! hahaha)

i feel like i'm now completely back on my feet. it was like nothing happened that i wonder every so often if i've ever loved at all. the pain's gone. i would have wanted it so stay longer so i can still dramatically wallow in agony and anger. but i woke up today and it's vanished. God! two night's ago, i was wailing like i was a victim of the manila hostage drama that had a bloody end. i over reacted! [or is it that acceptance wasn't that hard for me?!] i've wasted much tears for nothing. so anyone, puhleez! shoot me! now!

broken heart's mended- easily! i was happy. until another problem occurred.

i was talking to a friend earlier today and suddenly my phone died. i tried turning it on but it wouldn't. since 2005, i've bought 4 phones with my own money. the one i was using earlier was the very first phone i paid for. the succeeding three phones were lost. so i had no choice but to resort to my good old phone. sadly, it retired just like that! and since i don't have any purchasing power right now, it could take some time to get a replacement. what a loathsome way to goad me into finding a job!

right now, i'm cussing! (just in my mind. i occasionally do mental cursing.) who wouldn't?!

first, a broken heart.

then, a busted phone.

what's next? a cracked skull?! c'mon!...