Tuesday, September 21, 2010

my week's sountrack: i'd rather leave while i'm inlove

sometimes you have to walk away... when gripping too hard starts to hurt so much, sometimes it's best to let go... when you can't be happy being together anymore, it's time to turn your back, head on opposite directions, and continue finding your happiness in the arms of someone else...

sometimes others hold on too long that when they decide to end the relationship, roots of bitterness and hatred had penetrated in their hearts. and when that happens, it would be impossible for the pair to become friends for old time's sake. often, bitterness gets the best of us and we blame ourselves for being so stupid; for picking the wrong person. we cry and feel so low. it truly is hard to say goodbye. but isn't that on the other hand, saying "goodbye" means a brand new start? yes, we have to say "goodbye" to someone who had somehow became a part of our lives so we can say "hello" to that one person who would complete us; that very person who would make us whole again after we've been broken into pieces by our past failed relationships.

and yet, sometimes, it's not just enough to have the courage to let go and end things. i believe that it is equally important to know when to leave. love might be gone but while there is still a wisp of that special feeling, while respect and compassion is still in the relationship, it's best to leave...



  1. an uber nice entry..
    finding true happiness while respect's still existing..

  2. thank you c - e - i - b - o - h.

    ei, i went to your blog. why can't i leave comments on your posts? care to explain that? hahaha

  3. and yeah! i was surprised when i found out we were listening to the same song. hahaha! apir!

  4. i really just dont know
    but i think it's working na!!

    orgasmic song tlga..

  5. I agree, walk away while there's still respect left. No point in staying when there's no more love, or trust.