Tuesday, October 5, 2010

CSI: Cebu

my "soul-sister" is coming to Cebu! and oh my! i'm just so giddy with anticipation.

we've had the itinerary. made plans- and back-up plans. we've set expectations (not too high). put clothes in order. and we've counted days.

i cant wait for the stories we would be sharing. i'm looking forward to the adventures we would partake. and of course, the possibility that we might detour somewhere for boys! (kidding! i know he's attached and it would be immoral to lead him to do some dirty stuff. but on second thought, who am i kidding? it's my friend csi!; therefore i'm absolutely positively certain he'll do some sort of moonlighting when he's here. HA!)

well, it won't be long. i'm so certain we'll have a blast! but for now, i'll just try to kill time... is it october 8 yet?


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