Saturday, October 9, 2010


before i run on with my octoberian narratives, let me just have this as my "P.S." for my september notes. i wrote an entry the day this happened but i was hesitant to post it then. alas! i scrapped the entry and now, i'm writing a new one.

last sept. 19, 2010, i had the pleasure of meeting "kyano". that was sunday, during the feast day of Sto. Thomas de Villanueva. after the meeting at the church, we went straight (i'm not referring to our sexual preferences) to a small stall near the park and had a drinking session. we had a really good conversation. there were just a lot of things to talk about.

that was back when i was so overdramatic about an online relationship that died. somehow, retelling him the comprehensive story gave me an overview of how things have been and it helped me move on- fast!

on a more personal note: kian, thanks for holding my hand when i needed someone to do so. you were the friend that stood by me during that sad- now irrelevant- episode.
waka-waka! no more dramas! hahaha...


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