Saturday, October 9, 2010

clash of the parasites

thursday. if i only knew how to transform fury into something artistic, i could have done a mash-up of madonna's "papa don't preach", and "how dare you" by basia. it would have been like this:

papa dont' preach!
:how dare you talk to me like that
papa don't preach!
:if you're not careful I'll get mad
i've made up my mind
:Let this be a warning
and now you make me want to scream!

it started with a small discussion about household chores that led to a big, ugly clash. i'll spare you the details but the bottom-line is: he had issues with my unemployment and me not helping mom in the expenses anymore.

i was not angry. i was irate. i was foaming at the mouth!

he need not tell me that! i know! he hasn't been working since i was 8. if not for mom (and the help of my mom's family) my sister and i wouldn't have earned a degree. yet, he had the nerve to tell me i wasn't able to contribute anything at all, and that if there was any help that came from me, it was that i helped surge the electric bill due to my constant use of the computer and the AC. (all the financial aid i gave to the family while i was still working has become part of the bibles' lost manuscript.)

that ticked me off. i just don't want to argue anymore. silently, i packed my clothes and left.

nag "mariah CARRY" nang gamit si clande sa kalagitnaan nang gabi at nakiusap sa kanyang santa-sanTITA na 'dun na muna makikitira habang nagpapalipas nang sama ng loob. wish ko lang someday mag ala maricel soriano si mader at sabihin sa kanyang hubby ang line na "i don't need a parasite! get out! get out!"

but for now, "independent women" ang trip kung kantahin. gotta find a good-paying job soon!


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