Saturday, October 9, 2010

ooooppppssss! mom did it again

i was oh so determined to live independently and never come back. though i will indisputably miss my room, my bed, and my pillow, i couldn't swallow living under the same roof with someone i dislike.

things were working just fine. matter of fact, i thought not being home was way, way better and cooler than being confined in your own abode. in my tita's dwelling, i get to wake up whenever i want, eat everything that's on the table (food served the moment i open my eyes), stay in bed or watch tv the entire day without getting that you-haven't-done-any-chore-today-so-get-up-and-wash-the-dishes look. i'm loving it! correction: i loved it.

predictably, mom sent me a message. the type that would really hit you right through the deepest pits of your conscience. she said she talked to papa and everything's okay. and just like that, i went home.

i am home. but i have a strong feeling this won't be the last home-coming i'll have. i gave mom a warning though. next time she better come up with a very convincing pretext, the kind that she hasn't used before or i would no longer believe, or pretend to believe her. *sigh* moms! they always have a way to make you melt down.

i'm just thinking what she will come up with the next season?! HA! and BTW, i'm still not talking to the other parasite!



  1. Clan,

    na igat-igat nasad ka ai. hahahaha. it's ok pre, you should be back on the ballgame but just make sure you know what you want and your partner should know the rules! Naks, love doctor effect ko karon pre. hehehe

  2. haha. sorry for the error, that comment above should have been in your fleeting love post. hehehe.

  3. hahaha! ana! it's okay jaybus. love doctor indeed.
    igat-igat? who is? hahah