Saturday, October 9, 2010

premature dancing

and it came to pass that on the afternoon of the eighth, after wolfing down some dim sum dishes, i found myself marching in the labyrinth streets of colon alongside csi.

it drizzled but it didn't stop us from roaming around the city.

we turned right in a corner near sanciangko street and were heading toward what seemed to be a jam-packed establishment where i saw people in their teens -must have been college students in their p.e. uniforms- lining up eagerly. i couldn't quite understand what was happening so i fixed my eyes on their direction as we are nearing their point. i looked up to see the signboard as we passed the queue of those carefree souls with backpacks. i was confounded.

an open disco house at 5pm?! i haven't heard of that some seven years ago when i was still a student in a nearby university. during my time, we loved to parade to clubs and rave at midnight. we won't party unless we're dressed to kill. but now, teenagers are different. disco at 5pm while still modeling the p.e. uniform seems to be the "in" thing. although skipping lunch just to save money for the after-class drinking session with friends isn't really new at all.

now, aspiring to experience discoing at 5pm. anyone wanna rave with me?



  1. i don't know if i should laugh pero natawa lang talaga ako.. disco @ 5pm..

    guess, everything really changes..

  2. hahaha.. true c - e - i - b - o - h.

    punta kang cebu. let's disco at 5pm! :)