Saturday, October 9, 2010

room 517

it was october 8, 2010 at around 5 pm when i met my soul sister.

after almost 30 minutes of walking around and searching for that hotel where he checked in, i found myself in front of a building situated in the most populated place in cebu. i'm no visitor but i admit, even if i've been here since, i could still get lost in the downtown area. my feet started to ache and i was really glad to have finally found the place! i had to check the name on the message he sent me and the signage just to make sure though.

it was positive. i've found the right point. so i went straight to the lift and knocked on his room. and there he was! csi in the flesh! he shouted my name and gave me a high-five. i went inside and we chatted some more. it was funny how i felt so close to a person i just met [physically] minutes ago. maybe because we were chatting and texting and calling each other since. we shared stories and other typical girl stuff. eerrr... gay stuff! whatever! hahaha... but really, there wasn't a bit of awkwardness.

then he went on to check something on his lappy. and the next thing i know, he was prodding me to sign up for planetromeo. and so, i did. he taught me the basics in maneuvering the site and within seconds, i was able to chat with someone- was of the schmuck-kind and i lost interest, i stopped. csi then logged in to his account and almost instantly found someone good enough to be a prospect. he made a phone call and set a place and time for the meet up.

freshened up, we found ourselves stepping on the footpath eager to see our new "friend". once we were on the spot, a guy in black polo shirt introduced himself. he was james, 21, from bohol. we were discussing on where to go when james said he's meeting up with another friend in an hour but we could come with him. we did.

we met kenneth, james' friend, in mango ave at around 11pm. he was the guy in red shirt sporting a mohawk hairstyle. csi and i were just waiting from afar when james approached him. they talked and in a split second, he got introduced to us by james.

we had karaoke over bottles of red horse, then we crossed the street and ate [sisig, pancit, and calamares], and went on to order 2 more towers of beer. and then they got tipsy and things got a little bit blurry. we decided to leave the place. i thought we're going on separate ways but surprisingly, we rode the same cab (okay! i wasn't really surprised. i kinda expected that). all four of us. we waited in room 517 for morning to come.


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  1. .we waited in room 517 for morning to come...and then it went blurry...