Monday, October 18, 2010

the ball

i entered the ballroom and was astounded! the chamber was filled with men in their black ties.

they were dancing the Tennessee Waltz and i was just comfortably looking around- enjoying being a wallflower. and from the dim corner where i stood, i saw him. Prince Charming. he was dancing with his partner but he glanced at me. and i glanced back. he smiled and i smirked.

then i felt something. it was like magnet. though i was resisting the pulling force towards him, he excused himself from the dance-floor and headed toward me. we exchanged pleasantries and instantly felt the connection. we didn't have to talk that much to know we read each other's soul. i have never felt so sure about someone. he hinted me that he was feeling the same.

we were enjoying our little moment when the music played was time for the Rose Dance. he went to get his red rose and walked in the center of the room; his partner waited for him there. suddenly i realized i was no longer enjoying the ball. i should be happy seeing prince charming and his partner dancing the lover's dance but there was just this stinging feeling. and to my surprise, just before prince charming handed the rose to his partner, he picked a petal, went to the point where i was standing and gave the petal to me.

he looked at me with intensity. he didn't have to say the words; his eyes told me everything. and it would have been okay. yet, he opened his mouth and said "i would have wanted you for a partner but you came in too late. and now, i would have to finish the ball with him. otherwise, i would have wanted you to be my partner. i love you but i would have to leave you- for now."

then he walked away. slowly headed off toward his dance partner; gave him the rose, and danced.

and there i was, the wallflower that saw a spark of love and became a damsel-in-distress.

maybe it's time to go home. who knows, outside, i might just bump into my own prince charming during my departure. or maybe, i would just have to wait until i receive another invitation to join yet another ball and find my perfect match.

hoping to write my and-they-lived-happily-ever-after story; if not soon, then maybe someday.


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