Friday, August 27, 2010

love and mango float....

it's a day prior to our fiesta celebration and everybody's occupied doing chores, putting things in order and running errands. the neighborhood suddenly turned from ghost town to higgledy-piggledy quarter. and as expected, some houses turned their speakers on for that "private" karaoke session that turned out to be a torture on the eardrums (our nearest neighbor had a daughter who doesn't seem to realize she doesn't have the pipes for singing and keeps on belting songs fit for divas. when she's about to reach those really high notes, she either shouts or caterwauls. HA!)

if you can't stop them, join them! right? so there i was, amidst the chaos (it's an understatement i must say) assembling my mango float while listening to mellow music in full volume! i'm trying to enjoy making my dessert. spreading happiness on every layer of graham crackers; pouring love on every layer of cream; and hoping for sweetness in every slice of mango i put. topped the pile with crushed grahams and it's perfect!

perfect. my life almost is, at this point. after a year of being single, i feel it's about time to take another chance at love. i've redeemed myself from that really bad heartache. right now, i'm prepared. i'm ready to feel that feeling again. i'm ready to take another risk. once more, i'm holding on to a hope that it will be a lasting love this time.

there's someone special right now. we're still in the 'testing the waters' phase but i hope this is really it. i don't want to think about tomorrow or what the future brings. i have today to love and be happy about.

yes, here i am again. smiling... thinking of him... enjoying my mango float... and listening to my all time fave song. i'm sharing it to those who are seeking after love. for those who are just waiting for it to come. to those who found love and to the one's who have been found. hahaha... love rules!

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