Tuesday, August 3, 2010

contents: 11.5% alcohol; 4% emo...

went out with two other friends last night. and after three bottles of gilbey's premium strength, the rain unexpectedly poured -really hard that i started searching for noah's number in my phonebook so i could ask him where's the arc just in case the pouring won't stop.

came home soaking wet. it was so quiet and dark i nearly stumbled on the front step. thanks to the occasional lightning that somehow provided visibility of the area.

once in my room, i searched for the switch and turned the lights on. dried myself with a piece of towel and hit the play button on my fave playlist. it's past 1 a.m. and maybe caused by the alcohol, i was feeling emotionally low. i tried calling some friends (yeah,believe me! i have friends... like Jay the Gardener ) but i figured they were already sleeping. or maybe i was just gin catatonic. i let out a sigh and as if on cue, this song played.

good thing the feeling was gone when i woke up. you see, the trouble with drinking is sometimes, it makes you emotionally unstable. and gives you that headache the morning after they call -hangover. Over!

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