Monday, August 9, 2010

on setting standards...

"No matter how you set high standards, fate will eventually trip over you to meet someone who doesn't claim any of your standards, yet becomes someone to teach you that standards are unnecessary."

-got this from MP, my very good friend and textmate for almost a year now. after reading, i paused... and i thought if there really is someone who would or if i ever get to be that "someone" to somebody. will i be changed? or will i get to change someone's standards? pondering.... pondering...



  1. Everyone has standards, everyone has benchmarks they have to follow, everyone has a list of certain criteria of finding that perfect someone.

    And yet, most people are not able to follow it.


    Because in the end, standards may be set but not absolute.

  2. Standards have their uses. But, flexibility is key, and a certain openness to life's surprises.

  3. @Guyrony Thanks! that's a really good point there.
    @Fickle Cattle I'll remember that. hope to visit your blogspot on of these days. Salamat...