Monday, August 2, 2010

on loving the same person again...

got a call from a close friend today -saxophone girl (SG)- who celebrated her birthday last week all alone in singapore. SG left a month ago and knowing her as a naive lass, i was really happy to hear that she's enjoying her life as a stranger in a strange place. in fact, i'm not just happy- i'm proud of my friend.

i'm really sure that everything's okay until at one point in our conversation, she asked "CP, enough of the fun stuff. can i be myself? i just need to let this out my chest. and i know there's no one else to tell this but you."

and who can say no to a dear friend? i asked her to let it all out. and then there was silence followed by sobs...

it was december of last year when SG's boyfriend who was then working in one of the call centers here in cebu decided to resign and go back home to bacolod to take care of their family business. SG, having been promoted to a much, much higher position decided to stay, thus the start of their LDR. he was her first and although there were gossips about the guy having other flings while they're apart, she chose to believe in his guy and dismissed everything she heard. until she came home and saw for herself that there was truth to the chismis.

long story short- they broke up, she resigned from work, went to singapore and signed a two-year contract at a leading i.t. company.

on her birthday, greetings came in from friends and relatives. the ex didn't even made an effort but ex's cousin did. she sent SG a message with her birthday greetings and a news that would turn SG's world upside down again. the cousin told her that ex and his girl broke up.

sobs were all that came from the other end. i can sense that she was trying to control her crying. and i went on to ask "that's obviously a sad news. but why the tears? shouldn't you be happy that their relationship finally got the karma it deserved?"

"i'm crying because he must've realized now that he left me for the wrong girl." was her answer.

i was boggled. "let him be sad if that's the case. but i don't see why you should cry. i mean, this is supposed to be your sweet day! the day when he'd realize what a fool he's been."

and it dawned on me... "oh no! SG, tell me, are you entertaining thoughts of you and him reconciling?"


for a second, i wanted to end the call! poor stupid friend -i thought. but i was in a good mood and so i decided to listen some more.

"you see, he was really nice and all when we were still together back there in cebu. somehow i thought that if not for the distance, we could still be together now. i just want to show him that i'm here for him, if not as a lover, then as a friend or as whatever it is he wants me to be for him now. and maybe then, just maybe then, he would realize that i'm still the best girl for him."

i was a bit of rude and interrupted. "SG, you were the best girl for him then! we saw how you tried to give him everything. but despite that, he still managed to make a fool of you."

"i know... and thanks for reminding me that CP."

"SG, i and the rest of our friends would want you to love again. but if that happens, we would like you to love someone that can reciprocate the amount of love you give. i know right now, must be so into the thought of getting back together because as what we always hear, love is sweeter the second time around. right?"


"but has it ever occurred to you, what becomes of the second heartbreak?"

she didn't answer. and then there were sobs from the other end of the line again...


  1. CP,

    I have this for your friend: (tell her to tell her this to herself)

    If you fool me once...shame on you,
    But if you fool me twice...shame on ME.

    That simple.


  2. so true Jay.

    Thanks. i'll let her know. ;)