Sunday, August 22, 2010

one less worry...

yesterday, i finally faced san-san (my ex-boss). it was the meeting i was dreading to happen. i was afraid that if we talk, everything would turn out bad. i've heard stories from ex-office-mates and some weren't good. but he keeps on sending a word that he wanted to talk to me. and i was getting sick of hiding. i knew sooner or later we would meet somewhere unexpected and that would be awkward. i wouldn't want that.

so there i was on a saturday late afternoon calling his "secretary" trying to book for an appointment, preparing my speech 'til sun down. i closed my eyes, took a deep breath and programmed all my systems to battle.

turned out my formulation on how to talk, how to act, etc. were unnecessary. he was all nice and smiling when i faced him. what happened was contradictory to what i've been expecting all along.

i explained about my sudden disappearance and inserted my alibi (sickness) and told him i would submit my resignation asap for formality. but he assured me there isn't any need to do so. instead, he said that if ever i happen to find a new job and i would like it there i could just inform him and that will be fine. he stressed that i would always be welcome to work again for him. given my health condition, i could report for thirty minutes to an hour a day and head home. if i get better, then i could do three- four hours and go home after. and that should apply until i would fully recover and work full-time. he is doing this because according to him, everybody in the company wants me back.

tempting offer. but no, thanks. and it was really nice of them to want me back. but who wouldn't?! i don't wanna brag about what i do or what i'm capable of doing. but there are people in there that's being paid way, way higher than me and yet they barely have any workload. if there's anything under their scope that's tedious, or grueling, or taxing, they pass the load to me reasoning either "i really don't know this but i'm sure you can find a way" or "i'm extremely busy so please be a darling and do it for me".

we had coffee after the talk and san-san told be about his others plans. he's a nice employer. too bad i wasn't happy being his employee anymore. but i'm really glad we had that talk. that was my sort of "closure".

now i can focus on my future plans. i feel light. i have so much hope now. as per my cousin enigma, "fresh start"! don't we all just love having one from time to time?

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