Wednesday, August 18, 2010


according to derek christopher shepherd (of grey's anatomy), the human life is made up of choices. yes or no. in or out. up or down. (i'm adding top or bottom in the choices for PLUs). and then there are the choices that matter. love or hate. to be a hero or to be a coward. to fight or to give in. to live. or die. live or die. that’s the important choice. and it’s not always in our hands.

i'm not going to be mellowdramatic about it. surely, to live or die is not for us to decide. but in a lifetime, we can only have so much choices.

i admire people who live their lives knowing that they have options. people who believe every event of their being is a result of the choices they make, of the decisions and preferences they think would best benefit them. i think highly of them not because they always make the best choices [because there can never be a guarantee of a perfect choice] but because they have the courage to own their lives. these type of people are so strong that even in the deepest pits of shit, they always have control, they always know that there are choices, that there are decisions to be made, and they can always get out of it.

alas, there are people who are aware that they have choices but they don't wanna make them. and more unfortunately, there are some who doesn't even have an idea of their power to make choices at all. they're people with no backbone. too weak to make a stand. always afraid to commit mistakes. they depend on luck to help them run their lives. and when circumstances aren't turning on their side, they blame God, or pass the fault to other people, or to the weather, the frogs, cockroaches, or to whoever and whatever they can think of.

choices... we have them. all we need to do is to choose carefully. and once we've picked one, we should live with it. but then again, we have a choice not to.

mulling over: if being straight and being gay is a choice, is being bisexual a result of not wanting to make a stand? or is it standing by the choice to have more than one option?

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  1. I agree. I also believe the choices we make define us as human beings and will shape future choices we will need to make.