Sunday, August 8, 2010

nameless faces, faceless names...

it's been days since my last post. i've been quite busy... eerrr... chatting! it's fun. all you need is arm yourself with a nice profile pic (could be yours if you're good looking, or if you're not confident with how you look, you can always use someone else's) and wit to sustain a good conversation and you'll be a surefire hit in the chatroom.

that's been my world for the past three weeks. twenty-one days, fifty-seven chatmates, and countless hellos and "asl" questions [i] ignored- only three stood out. and i'd like to call them my 3Js.

jv- the guy based in bangkok. i don't remember how it started or where he got my ym but two weeks ago, he left a message. buzzed him when i got the chance to go OL and we started chatting. it's been weeks since and i appreciate him always making the first move to chat with me whenever i go online or if i'm unable to log in leaves an off-line message- never fails! he never hesitates to show himself on cam even if he knew i could not let him see me. he calls now and then because he claims that he loves talking to sensible people like me (now i doubt how he defines "sensible". all i do is yack. and yacking is now synonymous to being sensible? jv, dear, let me borrow your dictionary!) and it doesn't end there. in one our conversations, he said that just realized he's falling for me. and he says that up until now. but i wouldn't believe him until i'm sure that his book of word meanings defines love exactly as what i have in my vocabulary.

jerome- the california guy (and now i'm singing with katy perry- "You could travel the world..But nothing comes close to the Golden Coast...Once you party with us... You'll be falling in love...Oooooh oh oooooh...") but really, the line there for him is -"Fine, fresh, fierce...he got it on lock". he's nice and all. but there's still something mysterious about him. i mean, for me, he's too good to be true! and i don't know if it's just me or if it's a natural thing to feel. but usually if someone offered us something really great and we feel like we did nothing to deserve that, we always catechize "what's the catch?". he's probably gonna read this entry so let me ask it directly. jerome, what's the catch honey? (hehehe... i'll expect your answer through ym. and by the way, thank you for reading my blog. i got inspired when you told me you're checking it everyday anticipating for a new post. i'm glad to know you're enjoying it.)

and the third J would have to be... the record holder for the world's longest hair- next to me- and the reigning miss earth(worm), the soon-to-be bride in a Vera Wang original, let's give it up for: "jay almighty"!!! (hahaha... Jay! ayan ha may introduction pa talaga!)

jay- uhhmmm... i have a lot to say about this guy. but at this point, my thoughts are running faster that what my typing speed could catch up. too many words... too many funny stories... too many experiences have been told. and yet there's still more. he's one of the few guys, if not the only, whom i instantly felt connected with. he has the knack for keeping up a great conversation. a superb story teller who never fails to make me laugh every time! he really has the makings of a great friend. (detour: basing on what i wrote above, you might think that i'm all praises for him. but no!. so to even things out, let me confess something. during one of our conversations on the phone, jay farted really loud! and it was disgusting! good thing mobile phones only transmits sounds and not odors. otherwise, i could have killed him with my bad breath for doing such gross act! peace parekoy!)

yes, they were once just nameless faces and faceless names. but now i've come to know them a little better. at this point, they still might be keeping some parts of their identity but it doesn't matter. they might be posers, or might have been using pseudonyms but i don't care because somehow, beyond the names and the faces, they've shared to me something real. i've learned from their stories... laughed at their corny banters... and related to what they've gone through. i felt the honesty and the pureness of their souls and for me, they're strangers no more. thank you guys.

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