Friday, August 10, 2012

Hey Puppy Love..

Hey, I thought that it’s unlikely  that I’m thinking about you today.

Unusual but it felt so familiar I can’t help but loiter at the lounge of this emotion.

I remember when we were still babyish we played like there’s no tomorrow.

Those were the days of marbles, cotton candies, and never ending childish delights.

Can you still recall back in high school when you held my hand as we ran towards home one rainy afternoon?
From that day onwards I knew we had something special- I knew you and you knew me more than anyone else.

We started to talk about tomorrow like we had a clue and we built our dreams around each other like we were certain we’d be together forever.

And then something terrible happened- I can’t quite recall.

But it tore us apart… and our story was cut short by that unfortunate, disastrous, ill-timed event. 

Thirteen years after, I saw you again yesterday with your little boy- and he looked just like you!

You’ve clearly moved on as I have. And notably, you went on to realize the dreams we dreamed together- with someone else!

I’m happy for you and I know you are happy for me too. 

However, I am not certain if we can still say so if we would think about yesterday and how we could have ended up together, had only we were stronger.

Today, I look forward to a brighter future… But I’m keeping precious memories. Your smile, your scent, the roses, the letters, the sweet nothings… I will always remember.

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